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Market (MA) Analysis: Market direction, Predictions, Corelations  and Confirmations..

Source: Money Trend

Stocks / S & P 500 Correlation

Confirmation, source: Forex.com

Divergence, source: Forex.com

Stocks market and Currency pairs Corelations 

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Trading USD/JPY

* When a FAANG (FB, AMZN, AAPL, NFLX, GOOG) stock is down heavily at the trading session open, monitor USD/JPY intraday price action for opportunities to short USD/JPY. (source: Amelia Bourdeau, Luckbox, May 2019)

* Whenever there is good news around the world, buy the yen pair. XXX/JPY

When there is bad news around the world, sell the yen pair. XXX/JPY


Trading AUD/USD:

* China Growth slowdown. Slower China growth hurts Australia's economy from trade, investment and commodity price standpoints. 

* Australia has housing sector slump - falling house prices combined with tighter financial condition are damaging that sector. (source: luckbox mag.) 


Trading EUR/USD:

* In Europe, growth is slowing.

* uncertainty about whether Italy can meet its fiscal targets.

* The European Central Bank (ECB) ended quantitative easing in December 2018. (source: Luckbox mag)

"The most important thing is never certainty. Certainty comes when it is ready. The most important thing is having a clear and healthy framework for dealing with uncertainty, which is what most of life turns out to be." - Ethan Nichtern, Buddhist teacher

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